Mandatory Training

Mandatory Training Courses

The Mandatory Training Group is a leading UK provider of statutory and mandatory training courses for healthcare and social care training organisations. All Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulated organisations are required to provide statutory and mandatory training courses for their staff.

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What are the benefits of mandatory training?

The Mandatory Training Group’s statutory and mandatory training courses include:

  • Statutory and mandatory training courses developed by experts
  • Meet Care Quality Commission compliance requirements
  • Flexible elearning packages for health and social care staff
  • Access your statutory/mandatory courses immediately
  • Download CPD certified certificates to show compliance
  • Manage learner profiles and compliance progress
  • Huge discounts when you buy multiple credits

Which type of mandatory training do you need?

Each healthcare/social care provider is required to carry out its own training needs assessment to determine the type of statutory and mandatory training courses they require. In general, organisations can provide Skills for Health’s UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) aligned or Skills for Care aligned statutory and mandatory training courses. These types of mandatory training will be discussed below.

Skills for Health aligned mandatory training

The majority of NHS Trusts and other healthcare poroviders now use the UK Core Skills Training Framework. The CSTF training framework was developed to minimise variation  in the provision of statutory and mandatory training. In addition, the CSTF minimises the  unnecessary repetition of training when healthcare professionals work across various organisations.

Skills for Care aligned mandatory training


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